The Academic Liaison at Nelsen began working with Darius during his 6th grade year. He had a difficult transition into middle school. He struggled with self-confidence, managing multiple classes and keeping himself organized. Darius’s biggest obstacle was his lack of self-confidence. Once he got an assignment, he didn’t think that he would be able to do it and so he would give up before he started, saying “it’s too hard!”

When I worked with Darius, I helped him build a problem solving process that he could use to talk himself through completing his assignments. Most importantly, I frequently reminded him that he always came to understand his work once he started delving into the topics. Slowly, Darius began to remind himself without my help and work through assignments on his own. He realized that he had the ability and that increased his confidence.

97% of Mentors report that because of the Mentor Program their Mentee has a better attitude about coming to school

In addition to his difficulties transitioning, I noticed that Darius was struggling with writing concepts and avoided writing. I recommended Darius for special education testing during his 7th grade year. Darius was tested and it was found that he had a Specific Learning Disability in writing. He was properly placed in a class that helped him develop his writing skills after years of going under-served.

Darius is now graduating 8th grade and moving onto high school. I am so proud of the progress he has made. He is able to organize and manage his class load on his own. His confidence, writing skills, and grades have improved substantially. When I started working with Darius, his GPA was 0.9 with 2 Fs. For the last quarter of his 8th grade year, Darius earned a 2.3 GPA with no Fs. I am confident that Darius will continue to be successful throughout high school and into his college and career years.