Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a story below… and be inspired. If you have a story or a comment about how Communities In Schools made a difference in your life, please share it with us.

Success Stories to Read

We are thrilled to share our first update on the immediate needs of our community that we’ve been able to address so far. With your support, we are coming together to support those most impacted by addressing the economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the broader COVID-19 outbreak. Families are still in […]

A new student started at Thorndyke Elementary in December. Crying every day, he would refuse to go to class and was having trouble making friends. He was also not getting classwork done as a result. Site Coordinator, Sebastian Dukworth, did three check ins with him every day. When they first started checked in with a happiness scale […]

Sebasitan Duckworth is the Site Coordinator at Thorndyke Elementary. She leads the Incredible Kids Social Emotional Learning group that tackles tough topics like bullying, anger management, and self-care. In addition, Sebastian supports Thorndyke Elementary with her Beat the Bell program. This showcases the attendance for class each month. The highest attendance wins extra recess!

Esther Eligio is our Site Coordinator at Cascade View Elementary in Tukwila. Here she shares a story about two of her Social Emotional Learning groups. Esther created two social-emotional learning groups at Cascade Elementary: the “Awesome Blossoms” and the “Boys Leadership” groups. Students in each group were referred to Esther for social-emotional support due to […]

As a CIS mentor, I work with a girl who is a selective mute. This is a speech disorder which means she can speak, but she chooses not to in a social setting. It was my job to earn her trust.

A teacher referred a family to the CISR family liaison following a parent/teacher conference. The single mom had lost her job and didn’t know where to turn for help with basic needs.