Basic Needs

We provide basics like food and clothing, which helps young people come to school comfortable, nourished and more ready to learn.

Behavioral Intervention

Negative behavior gets in the way of learning. We help kids learn to modify their behavior and to make positive choices.

College & Career Prep

We help young people identify their vision for the future so that they can have a clear goal and the motivation to overcome difficult circumstances.

Community Service

By giving back in their neighborhoods, youth feel a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and value.


With before and after school activities, we expand young people’s understanding of what the world has to offer.

Family Engagement

We help children have a supportive home life by helping parents access the services they need.

Life Skills

Through one-to-one mentoring and group coaching, we give students the confidence to succeed, the belief that education creates opportunity, and help them set the expectation for success.

Physical & Mental Health

For students to be the best learners, they need healthy bodies and minds. We connect them to physical, dental, vision, and mental health services regardless of ability to pay. Thanks to a partnership with King County Parks, we also provide sport scholarships.