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 Day 5 – A Crisis Avoided, A Life Restarted

A parent of my student was completely out of options and about to become homeless. After they moved in with her sibling, the Family Liaison arranged a taxi to bring the child to school and saw that my student had clothing and food.

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Day 4 – From Fear to Security

I just said goodbye to a mother who’s been fighting homelessness since last year, and whose first grader has had to change nighttime residencies 6 times in the last three months, missing a lot of days in between each change.

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Day 3 – CISR Through A Child’s Eyes

Letter From A CISR Mentored Student:

Dear Mentor,
I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. What I think about you is that I trust you as a friend.
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Day 2 – Student Inspired To Achieve

I’m an Academic Liaison at a Renton Middle School and I began working with this particular student during his 6th grade year. He had a difficult transition into middle school. He struggled with self-confidence, managing multiple classes and keeping himself organized. His biggest obstacle was his lack of self-confidence.

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Day 1 – Compassion After A Christmas Tragedy

I am writing to share my experiences with a Family Liaison; who is a dynamic and compassionate, dedicated professional. In December of 2012, an incidence of violence touched our community and 3 children lost their mother. The children were brought to my home with the clothes on their backs, no socks, unmatched shoes, and very afraid at 2:30am.

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