Steve Huynh Office: 425-430-6667

STEVE is a Washington native and recent graduate from the University of Washington, Seattle. He holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Peace and Security. His on-going goal: to show kindness to the people around him and increase his propensity to do as he progresses in his career.

His four years in college led him to a number of unusual places, including: presenting to high school students at the university planetarium, working as a telemarketer, sparring in boxing bouts, leading a CIA-simulated exercise at the business school, and training with Marines in Quantico, Virginia. Eventually he found a calling toward humanitarian work after he finished his capstone on the Syrian refugee crisis. He has a passion for giving a helping hand by those who feel left out or stigmatized by society, whether they are at home in the states or abroad.

When he’s not working out he enjoys healthy hobbies like writing, meditating and reading – as well as playing M-rated video games, falling asleep to his Spotify playlist and getting addicted to Wild Cherry slushies at 7-11. He has a special place in his heart for horror and Marvel movies, as well as more serious topics such as mental health and veterans’ issues. If you want to hang, he’d be down to go with you to the club, but ultimately: he’d be happy having a nice cup of tea and pleasant conversation. He’s an introvert.