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SARAH MICHELLE was born and raised in Skyway, and is deeply proud of her West Hill roots. After graduating from Franklin High School, she attended South Seattle Community College, transferring to the American University of Cairo in 2006 to complete a BA and graduate work. The experience of living in Egypt was a trans-formative one, as well as providing her with many interesting stories to tell, such as time she was locked in pyramid or got hit by a parked car.

She lived in Egypt until 2011, and returned to the US with desire to give back to the community that had nurtured her dreams. In 2012, Sarah Michelle joined CISR and the Renton School District as an AmeriCorps Step-Up Mentor Program Coordinator, working with at-risk 5th grade students across seven elementary schools as they transitioned to middle school. Once her year of service concluded, she joined the staff at Bryn Mawr Elementary full time, serving in a variety of positions ranging from special education to the school health clinic. When an opportunity to rejoin the CISR team as a family liaison opened up, she was thrilled to be able to advocate for equity in the city she loves by supporting students and families in need.

In addition to being a travel fiend, Sarah Michelle enjoys photography, flying a wonderful drone named Martha, and reading far too many questionable books.