ALICE was born and raised in Seattle and calls the Beacon Hill neighborhood her home. She’s a second generation Chinese American and first generation college student in her family, graduating the University of Washington in 2019 and majored in Education & Communication. Alice’s desire to work in schools and with youth started in middle school when she became a reading tutor for elementary students. Though it took some time and experimenting in other fields of interest, Alice eventually went back to her passion for education and committed herself to the path of serving others. She has now found herself a home with Communities In Schools and at Dimmitt Middle School in the Renton School District. She is passionate about education, equity, youth development, mental health, and empowering underserved communities. She is an extroverted introvert with a booming laugh, and always tries to step into every day with gratitude and compassion. She finds great joy in cooking, traveling, memes, and just having a reason to laugh at herself. One dream she has in the midst of her busy work life is becoming an author and master storyteller.