School can be a place of anxiety or joy. The dedicated staff at CISR work every day with members of the Renton School District to create positive learning environments where every student can thrive. This reflection from an Academic Liaison demonstrates just that:

An 8th grade girl was struggling in many areas- her attendance, her grades, her feeling of connectedness at school. I started checking in with her every morning. “How was your night? Did you have breakfast this morning? How are your classes going?” At first she responded with one-word answers, but began to open-up. We made a plan together. She started working with me in after school study club. She followed through with completing assignments while building relationships with her teachers. Once I introduced her to the counselors and the attendance office staff, she started blossoming. Staff reported that she’d often stop by during passing period to say hello with a smile- small signs to show she began feeling connected, and part of the school community. She started bringing her grades up. It was slow at first- but by the end of 1st quarter she passed all her classes. By the end of second quarter she had mostly As and Bs. Now, she’s excited by the idea of college. “I want to go to the Art Institute,” she told me the other day as she showed me her artwork. She now feels she has a place in her school community, and enthusiasm for a future of continued success.

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