For a prime example that shows “schools can’t do it alone” read our story below, told by a Renton teacher.  CISR steps in time and time again to provide wrap-around services.

Teacher- Renton School District:

A parent of my student was completely out of options and about to become homeless. After they moved in with her sibling, the Family Liaison arranged a taxi to bring the child to school and saw that my student had clothing and food. She provided information to the parent for resume writing help. She helped the student get a grant so he could go on our field trip. This family had lost many important things- namely their home and dignity. Our Family Liaison made sure they regained their dignity by bringing stability back into their lives. A family that never did homework is now reading and going to the library together. Mom has a job working with horses- her greatest love- and they are all living together again. This program not only supplies physical support, but emotional support too. Teachers and staff don’t know about all these programs, nor have the time to access them. This program is a vital resource!!!

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