From A Family Liaison:

I just said goodbye to a mother who’s been fighting homelessness since last year, and whose first grader has had to change nighttime residencies 6 times in the last three months, missing a lot of days in between each change.

In December, she was heartbroken because they were literally on people’s couch for a day or two. I mostly listened and helped re-focus on what the next steps would be: to notify Housing Connections, secure a place for her and the 6 year old for the weekend, keep her appointments for the following week, and to have her stay in touch with me, no matter what. And, in spite of her youth, her shock, her sadness, she did it all! Made and kept her housing appointments, found a couch for that week, and stayed in touch. After a couple of interviews, she got accepted into the transitional housing program, got her keys yesterday, and today- after picking up her baby girl-is moving in! They have on-site child care, a new school across the street, and two years to rest safely, heal and finish growing up.

She came to me before they left and gave me the hardest hug I’ve ever had- like saying “I’m not sure I want to let go. I’ll be alone” I hugged her right back and just as tight, to say “I’ll miss you too… you can do this…I’m proud of you!”

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