Dear Communities In Schools of Renton,

I am writing to share my experiences with a Family Liaison; who is a dynamic and compassionate, dedicated professional. In December of 2012, an incidence of violence touched our community and 3 children lost their mother. The children were brought to my home with the clothes on their backs, no socks, unmatched shoes, and very afraid at 2:30am.

By December 20th without me making a single phone call (as I was in shock) CISR Family Liaison had pulled together food, clothing, personal items, blankets, shoes, and coats for all of the children. By December 23rd, she had arranged for the most wonderful Christmas the children could have had under the circumstances. By the time Winter Break was over, she helped me arrange counseling, transportation, and mentors for the children at their schools.

She has been a tireless advocate for myself and my grandchildren. Her compassion and devotion to her “families” comes from her heart. I feel that our CISR Liaison would never let my family down or fall through any cracks in the system. The reason I need CISR is tragic, but meeting my liaison was one of the best things to come from this tragedy. Please continue to fund Communities In Schools!

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