Here is our latest update on our COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Thank you so much for supporting this effort! With your support, we are coming together to support those most impacted by addressing the economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the broader COVID-19 outbreak. Donate to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Here

We partner with Renton Schools and Walkers Renton Subaru to mentor high school students inside the workplace. By combining work training with mentoring, we are providing an opportunity for students to learn a trade, and also have someone in the workplace to look up to and trust. The result is a break in the cycle […]

The Renton Reporter highlights our new Mobile Case Manager position. “Support for a student is so much more than a backpack, toothbrush or coat. Those are tangible things people like to give, which is wonderful. But it’s not to be estimated to the power of a strong, caring relationship in a person’s life,” Starkey said. […]

Homelessness is a devastating circumstance for anyone, but for youth on their own, known as unaccompanied minors, the stresses are multiplied. The myriad of challenges faced and multilayered trauma puts them at risk of academic failure and 87% more likely of dropping out of school. Last school-year, there were over 50 homeless unaccompanied minors identified […]