Alice Lau is our Site Coordinator at Dimmitt Middle School. She recently spoke with our board about the challenges of staying connected to students in a virtual world, and how she overcomes those challenges through leading with compassion. By leading with compassion, Alice creates space for students to be themselves. Alice generously spent some time […]

Restarting school during a global pandemic demands a coordinated community effort. We adapted and evolved our programs in a three phased approach which meets students’ and their families’ increased needs. To meet students’ needs we must focus on: continued support of basic needs, increased focus on social and emotional support, and elevating student voice.  Students furthest from educational […]

January is National Mentoring Month and January 16th is National Thank Your Mentor Day. Many of our Mentees have written beautiful and heartfelt thank you letters to their Mentors. Here is one especially moving letter: Dear Randy, I”m glad you are my friend because I don’t have many friends and I like someone to talk […]